Any plant that grows, has a certain virture.


The geographical trait of Iran that bears rugged mountains, hills, and desert zones, has allowed nature to grow the finest selection of plants and herbal medicines. This natural resource does not excel only in variety, but in the effectiveness of its ingredients. 

Herbal and essential oils extracted and composed from the precious Iranian vegetation were used mainly within the household in the past. However, due to health value and the fact of having no side effects, they are recently being employed extensively in the medical and food industries. 

The products of our herbal factory which is located in one of the most suitable parts of Iran, gKarkash mountains near desert, obtaining herbs and raw materials directly from this area, exporting to Germany, France, Britain, Japan and Persian Gulf countries. Its products are as follows; all types of herbal extract, rose water, 20 kinds of natural essence, dry rose and dry herbs.

Rosa Dabascene

Rose Buds



Iranian saffron is very famous in the world because of its top quality and pureness. Saffron is considered as the king of spices which brings exquisite flavor, beautiful color and fascinating aroma to every cuisine, pastry, cake and ice cream. 

Iranian red saffron is perfectly pure and when combined with drink, it is an excellent tonic beverage for human health as a digestive and tranquilizer.