Blessed conditions of nature yield exceptional products.

Iran is located in the northern hemisphere, and by having the rare luxury of virtually connecting Asia's north to south and east to west, it enjoys a privileged status.

The country covers an area of 1,648,000 sq. kilometers land that holds rugged mountains, deserts and ocean-fronts.


Due to rather sweeping expanse of the country's geographical location and the relative nearness of it; The south to hot and the north to cold territories.


Iran enjoys a truly diverse climatic conditions so much. So that, quite frequently during the year, the temperature difference of the warmest and coolest places is interestingly enough, each season manifests all too differently in each place. So, this makes Iran one of the most blessed areas in the world to grow a large variety of the natural and high quality agricultural products.








Coastal Arid Climate

Coastal Arid and Hot Climate

Arid Hot Desert Climate

Arid Desert Climate

Hot Semi-Desert Climate

Cold Semi-Desert Climate

Mediterranean Climate

Mediterranean Climate with

Spring Rainfall

Caspian Moderate Climate

Wet moderate Caspian Climate

Cold Mountainous Climate

Extra Cold Mountainous Climate