From Iran to the world, AKEBONO BOEKI makes the future.




AKEBONO BOEKI was founded in 1988 as a general trading company for import and export to and from Far East Asian countries.



Covering a wide range of goods and services, are divided into six business groups; 

1.         Machinery, parts, tools and industrial supplies

2.         Motor vehicles and related manufacturing equipment

3.         Computer and peripherals

4.         Communication equipment

5.         Electrical and electronic equipment

6.         General merchandise



We, at AKEBONO BOEKI, are proud to present to Japan and other Far East Asian countries the best selected products from Iran.

Iran is a vast country in Asia with diverse climates offering rich varieties of agricultural and marine products. The comparative advantages that exist in Iran which is making Iranian products economically feasible and specially attractive to the Japanese market.

- Low cost of energy, raw material and labor

- Skilled and educated human resources

- Diverse climate and vast land


Particular attention and support of the Iranian government for promotion of non-oil exports adopts proper policies of quality improvement and upgrading processing plants using advanced technology machineries and equipments.

Import activities are concentrated but not limited to the following products which always expanding and adding new items.

- Concentrate juice 

- Fresh fruits and vegetables

- Dried fruits

- Processed fruits and vegetables

- Marine products


AKEBONO BOEKI CO., LTD is positioning itself in the rapidly changing global economy with optimum performance in understanding the customer needs, quality of selected products and on-time delivery.